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Pokes With A Purpose Official Merchandise

Pokes With A Purpose Sticker

Pokes With A Purpose Sticker

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Introducing our Pokes with a Purpose Vinyl Stickers, printed on resilient, high-opacity adhesive vinyl that's perfect for everyday use. These stickers are not just a statement of your personal style, but also a symbol of your support for Oklahoma State athletes. Each purchase directly contributes to their athletic aspirations and achievements, aligning your values with your aesthetic preferences.

The stickers are designed to seamlessly cover existing stickers or paint, thanks to the high-quality vinyl which ensures a bubble-free application and a smooth finish. With a high-opacity film that provides total coverage and a robust 95µ density, these stickers are ideal for indoor use.

When you purchase these stickers, you are joining the Pokes with a Purpose movement, making a statement while supporting the athletes of Oklahoma State. Don't forget to thoroughly clean the surface before applying the sticker for optimal adhesion.

Get ready to experience a long-lasting sticker that retains its look and adherence even after numerous uses—your emblem of support, commitment to positive impact, and an expression of your unique style.

• High-opacity film that ensures complete coverage
• Quick and straightforward bubble-free application
• Robust vinyl, ideal for indoor usage
• Premium 95µ density

Size guide

  HEIGHT (inches) WIDTH (inches)
3″×3″ 3 3
4″×4″ 4 4
5.5″×5.5″ 5 ½ 5 ½
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